Progress Pacific Prototype

Tools Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Keynote

Project Sparkle, as it was called at the time, was intended to bring a unified UI to all of the products in the Progress Pacific Suite including Rollbase, Easyl, and D2C into a single harmonious UI. The design was largely inspired by Windows 10, which was new at the time and used animated panes that expand and collapse to provide more information, and even contain whole apps. Sparkle was intended to be all-inclusive, so each individual product would become a part of Sparkle, rather than continuing on as a separate app, with the goal of being able to add other products into the Pacific product suite through the Progress Marketplace as we grew.

My Impact

  • Harmonized a suite of SaaS products with disparate UIs and codebases
  • Demoed the prototype live on stage in front of hundreds of people at the ProgressNEXT Conference in Orlando, Florida
  • Went the extra mile in supporting our VP by making last minute changes up to the minute of the presentation

The Team

  • Pete J. - UX Director
  • Rami A. - Information Architecture
  • Annie T. - Intern, Development
  • Rick F. - Visual Design
  • Alan U. - Prototyping
  • Lu L. - Intern, Design

Progress Pacific Demo, Orlando Florida Image: Arin B. presents Progress Pacific prototype to ProgressNEXT in Orlando, Florida

My Role

My role on the project was prototyper. The main reason I was picked for the project was because the codebase was a bit of a mess and no one else could read the code. The project had been outsourced originally, and now we were taking it over ourselves. Rather than re-code it from scratch, we decided to just roll with it and make changes to what we had.

My job was to shoehorn new features or flows into this flashy demo while keeping it reasonably consistent with both what we could actually produce on the dev side as well as being flashy on the front end.

Progress Pacific Demo, Orlando Florida
"I just want to change one thing..." Arin Bhowmick, before going on stage

Progress Pacific Prototype Live Demo

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Progress Pacific Demo